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Hello i wanted to buy a new gaming pc but i am confused a lot what to buy and not to buy,because i have got all kind of reviews here.My budget is 35k(600$).I want best high end gaming config as i am into gaming most of the time.i just need processor,mobo,8 gb ram,case,smps.Thank you
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  1. u dont need an gpu?
  2. i have AMD Radeon HD7700 Series
  3. then u should go with a amd 6 core (100$) a cheap mobo from asus(60$) take 2 cheap 4 gb ram sticks (70$) some case u want (75ish$) corsair builder psu (50$) now u got 150$ left for another gpu
  4. actually i don't want to build a cheap one..i want to build a better fast gaming pc and i am not gonna upgrade my pc may be more 5 years so i want one that can handle future games easily without lag
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    u got a budget of 600$.
    that's the max u get :D
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