need help with using unallocated disk space

hi all, i recently cloned and replaced a drive (with some great help from the board!)

the old drive was 2 partitions, and 2tb. the new drive is also 2 partitions, but 3tb

i have the new drive installed and working, however under disk manager, there is a an unallocated amount, i presume the difference in size btw the old and new disk.

under disk manager, when i right click either partition, the option to 'extend volume' is greyed out

also, when i right click on the 'unallocated' amount, all the options are greyed out except properties.

i'd prefer to add this unallocated space to one of the existing partitions, but if that's impossible i'd like to at least setup a new partition that i could use. can't see options for any of that!

i have the old drive i cloned so if i had to repeat the process i guess that would be okay...

any advice?
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    The "extend volume" option is greyed out because there is no eligible partitioned volume to extend it into.
    "Unallocated space" has to be partitioned and formatted before it can be manipulated in Disk Management.
    Evidently Windows won't let you create a partition there, so you'll have to resort to using a partition manager that loads from a bootable CD so that Windows restrictions are lifted.

    There's a free bootable partition manager here:
  2. worked great thanks
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