Windows 7 Professional is not Starting up on my laptop, could not detect hard drive

My laptop hanged when i shut the lid with some force. I had to remove the battery to shut it down but when i stated it again it is showing the Dell icon after that it is giving the following message

"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

I have changed the boot option to give top priority to hard disk but it is showing the same message.

I inserted the windows DVD for new installation. Installation is starting but where it should show all the drives of hard disk, it is only showing un partitioned space of some 6 GB and not showing anyother drives.

Please provide a solution all my research data is on the hard drive I dont want to lose it
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    Take out the HDD and insert it back, look what happens.
  2. lonewolf7 said:
    Take out the HDD and insert it back, look what happens.

    thanx the HDD has to be replaced. Is there a way i can salvage my data from that Hard disk?
  3. You sure HDD gone bad ? If so, and you want data recovery, then first thing to see is the HDD getting detected by BIOS or not. Try the faulty HDD on a Desktop as a second HDD(non-OS) and see if it can be detected by BIOS. If so then try the following software's :

    There are tons of free software out there to try with.

    Note : You will need a second HDD (internal/external) to copy the recovered data. Do not copy the recovered data to the same drive(I mean the faulty HDD).
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