i5 2500k,hd 7970. Enough for next gen games?

Hi guys, I'm building(refurbishing)a new rig on a tight budget,trying to match the requirements of the new gen games(ps4,Xbox one). I've got all the hardware already just need to put it all together ,so there is no point of"you should have done this or that", just want to know if you guys think is a good investment for the future and how well will it performed with the next gen games.

Motherboard Asrock z77 extreme4(£80).

CPU: I5 2500k(got it really cheap £39)

RAM: G-Skills Ripjaws 8gb(2x4gb)
DDR3 2133 mhz.(£63)

Gpu: Powercolor hd 7970.(£170)

Everything else I already had on my old pc and is pretty average(Hard Drive.400 gb/PSU.650w/DVD ...)

Thanks in advance for your comments.
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  1. i5-2500k is still my favourite CPU ;)
    and yes, you are good to go! You should get pretty decent fps with these specifications.
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    The 2500k should still hold up well, it might fall behind in some areas depending on how CPU depending the game is but for the price you spent on it I think it was a smart buy.

    I would invest in a good CPU cooler and overclock it to compensate for it's age.
  3. Your build should be good to go. Ensure that you have adequate cooling for the components also. I have a similar set up and would only upgrade to an I7 but an I5 is sill more than holding its own.
  4. Thanks lads,I feel a lot better about my buy now. Definitely will get a nice cooler to overclock it and and then upgrade the CPU in the future when I get some spare cash.
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