Set VGA card to get ram from my 4gigs installed on 32 bit Windows 7

Hi all,

I have a big problem and i want to know if i install 4 gigs of ram on my laptop running W7 32bits can i let my vga card to get memory from those 0.75gigs that cannot be seen by the OS.

So basically i want to use that specific portion of ram that cannot be seen by the 32 bits OS and in this case to have more memory available for other tasks. Now i am running on 3 gigs and i have a constant used from 2.45 available as the rest til 3gigs is taken by VGA Card. I am running on a HP G6.

I hope i explained clear what i want to do. Any help?

Thank you guys!
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  1. nope, sorry. The memory addresses consumed by the memory-mapped device would normally be remapped above the 4GiB barrier where they would be accessible by any 32 bit operating system with a PAE kernel or a 64 bit operating system. However, Microsoft has disabled this in 32 bit versions of windows even though PAE is enabled.
  2. so there is no way to use that 0.75 unseen by the os ?
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    marian1208 said:
    so there is no way to use that 0.75 unseen by the os ?

    There are some unsupported kernel hacks which enable memory hole remapping in 32 bit versions of consumer Windows. Server versions of Windows have supported more than 4GiB of memory all the way back to Windows 2000
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