i7 4770k + EVO 212 = 50c+- on Idle

Hey guys how are you doing. Basically i have a problem, i recently got my i7 4770k and ASUS Sabertooth z87 and EVO212, i couldn't be happier until i noticed the temps. I used to have a 3.9GHZ i5 2500k on stock cooler and got lower temps than this.

What i get is usually(idle) :
35-45 reported by Thermal Radar 2
45-53 reported by CPUID HWmonitor

I ran PRIME 95 for 2 hours and max i had was 88.

I took the EVO212 out TWICE, i applied MX-4 thermal paste properly and everything was done properly.

Rest of my rig:
Z87 Sabertooth - degrees 25c on idle
GTX 770 MSI Twin FROZR - 30c on idle
Case - Cooler Master XM which has wonderful airflow.

I am starting to hope that these temps are normal because there is nothing else i can do except put it in the damn freezer. Thanks :)
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  1. Hello.
    As you can see at my avatar, I have 4770K with ASUS HERO and Noctua NH-U12S with RV03 (one of the greatest airflow) as case. And I see high temps too.
    Your temps might be normal.
    Are you using Multicore turbo or enchancement? (3,9Ghz@4cores or 3,7Ghz@4cores)
  2. RazerAddict said:
    I'm using the intel turbo boost thing, it usually never goes over 3.7 but sometimes it reaches the 3.9 you mentioned. I hoped with this CPU i can push it to 4.2, but when i did that the load temps jumped to like 90c :/ Weird

    Hmmm. Then you might have the 3,9Ghz without knowing it. It's automatically enabled when you enable the XMP profile for memories.
    Its not a bad thing apart that I think it uses too much vcore. I switch it to 3,7Ghz (Multicore enchancement setting I guess :P) and i notced 8 Celcius lower temps and almost 0,1 volts lower Oo. So auto o/c must sux.
    My best guess is that if you manually try to oc it you will see better temps.
    Try also to use latest bios. Guyz at Hardwareheaven did miracles with it.
  3. My 3570k rests at 34-37 , so even in worst case the 4770K should idle at 39-42 which isn't close to yours.
    Haswell heats a lot , so max temps are bad , at 70-80 but yours is high.
    Whats the speed of the fan and volt provided to it ?
    Also have you tweaked any thing on CPU side ( be it volts or turbo boost OC or a fixed OC or even iGPU OC ? )
    Either of these things can heat the hell out of your CPU.
    My 212 EVO review - http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1838363/cooler-master-hyper-212-evo-review-low-budget-cpu-cooling-king.html
  4. Well for comparison my I7-4770 sits at 35c idle and top 56 load with Arctic Freezer I30 (which is an inexpensive mid road cooler). Now I did not "torture" test it but that's what I got on CoreTemp after a long time of playing WoW 25m raids, Metro and Starcraft all on their Ultra/Top settings. I also noticed that it almost always sits @ 3.9 GHz.

    88 is insane... I think your case airflow is screwed, make sure you got decent exhaust and intake. I have Cooler Master N500 and I added 2 side 120mm fans for air intake to the GPU and one extra top fan for exhaust.

    Also, I think haswell heating a lot is a load of baloney - I have the evidence here to the contrary.
  5. I would do some cross-referencing with temperature monitoring programs, and make sure that you're getting the correct (CPU Core) temperatures. Just to double-check.
  6. make sure your cooler is seated correctly by removing it and puting it back on again and make sure to apply new thermal paste
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