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guys big trouble i got a used gts 250 without 6 pin connector now the problem is when i fit the graphic card the display does not comes and i have a 230v zebronics smps i dont know what is the problem please help me as soon as possible.
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  1. It's confusing..Title says GTS 250 and now you say GTS 450? make that clear first.And,did you use that card on your PC? Did you have a power connector in your PSU? And about the PSU,don't say the Volt(V),say its power(W).Also,give your full system specs and current in the 12V rail of PSU. You can look at the PSU to know that.
  2. Are you sure the new card works? System specs would be nice.
  3. Sorry dude right now i am not in my sense the problem is dat the graphic card is not showing display i dont know why and the power supply is 230 ac it does not have any pcie connector in nor i have any other 6 pin connector.
    my spec are- dual core E5200
    gigabyte g31m motherboard it does have pcie slot
    2.5 gb ram
    250 gb hard disk
    win 7 32bit
  4. i dont know about the working but the fan does spin
  5. If your PSU has no power connector,then it's not gonna work.The GTS 450 needs a 6 pin power connector,and without that in your PSU,it won't be getting enough power to work,which means you'll get no display on the screen without the GPU working.
    And,230 AC is the voltage in which the PSU will work. You need to look for the Power of PSU in Watt.Anyway,seeing that you don't have an external PCI power connector,you need not look for that,because the GTS 450 won't work with your PSU.
  6. There were some low power/pinless GTS250 and GTS450 cards. There was even an ultra rare no 6pin needed GTX460. If its one of these cards then it should work without the extra power plug.

    The PSU being 230V only matches what we already know. That you aren't in the USA. (Judging from your name I'm guessing middle east/india region.) Your PSU uses the more common 230V input as opposed to the USA 115V. What dani is wondering is what is the output. If you have some tiny 180W PSU then it won't work with that card as it doesn't have enough power. You said you don't know if it works, did you buy it new or is it used? If used, do you trust who you bought it from? Either way is it possible to test it in another computer? Perhaps a shop?
  7. Agree with 4745454b. You got to test it,though I guess it'll work with some good PSU.
  8. according to you all would a zebronics 450v psu might do the work
  9. Well,the GTS 450 recommends a 400W PSU. But it's not the best of the options to go for some cheap PSUs like Zebronics. Go for at least a Coolermaster,Corsair or Seasonic,the Seasonic and Corsair being the best.Because,a PSU is what powers up your whole system. So you don't wanna risk your components,or get a crap and lousy PSU,which may not power your system well,do you?
  10. it might take time for me to get the coolermaster or something else but till that time i coluld play game at mid or low setting with the zebronics model?
  11. Zebronics may power up the system. But as a matter of fact,Zebronics is not a trustworthy brand.Look at this link:
    In this,Zebronics PSUs are listed under Tier 5,which is not recommended,and should be replaced ASAP if you have one.
    Though,if you can't afford a good branded one,what else can you do? Stick with the Zebronics until you get the budget to buy another good one.
  12. another fact is would my specs bottleneck the graphic card
  13. To an extent,yes it will. Your Processor is too old and the amount of RAM is not enough,to be precise,not even close to safe zone,thinking about playing the modern games.You'd need to upgrade the CPU,MB,and RAM,once you have the budget to.
  14. <img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>

    Will this thing be able handle gts 250
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    No,it shouldn't work with that PSU.The GTS 250 needs at least 24A on 12V rail of a 450W PSU. So that means your PSU wouldn't power up your system.
  16. give a sugesstion of smps under the range 1000rs(18$) that can handle the gpu.
  17. I don't think you can power up the 250 using a PSU that's below 1000 INR.It'll be very weak to handle it.So I'd suggest getting at least a Corsair 350W PSU,that can handle the 250,though not very good.But seeing that you're tight on budget,you got no other option.But if you can get a 450W Corsair,you're extremely fine and good to go with no worries.The price difference is very less in Flipkart.Just some 300 INR.
  18. That PSU won't handle the 250.The 250 needs at least 24A on 12V rail,like I told you before.But the PSU you're looking at has only 16A on 12V rail.And,the 250 needs an extra 6 pin Power connector.I don't think that PSU has one. So,like I said,there's no PSU below 1000 INR that can handle the 250,unless you go for a used PSU,of a good brand,which though wouldn't be a good option since you wouldn't know how good that PSU can be.
  19. An $18 PSU? I know this isn't something you want to hear, but I feel its something you need to hear. Quality parts cost money. No way around that. The PSU is the thing that powers your entire computer. Plug in a bad one and something VERY bad can happen to your computer. Where you end up replacing some/all of the parts. This will run you MUCH more then 1000rs. If I were you I'd set the video card aside and save up for a good PSU. No point in possibly ruining the rest of your computer.
  20. Yeah agree with 4745454b. Never go for a bad PSU unless you want your whole system fried.Now if I were you,I'd force my Mom,and get some money out of her purse,and get a decent branded PSU,like the Corsair or Seasonic,or at least a Cooler Master.
    So my opinion is,get a good PSU,and save your system's ..... :D
  21. Easy now Danny....

    Just save up a bit more. Just don't ask a budget/poor PSU to output more then it was really designed to. You might get away with it for a bit, but it will end badly.
  22. Yep...Affirmative.... :D
    He should get one that can handle the 250....Means he should be fine with that for some time,right? Since it should be of some good quality.... :D
  23. ok now i have got a new problem problem is the display works fine but after sometime it gets vanished no idea even when my pc is on
  24. Are you using the 250 with that crap PSU? Then no doubt,that's the PSU causing all that,and if you want your system to be safe,and you don't want to fry it,stop doing that..! I mean stop using that card with that PSU...!! Get a good new PSU and then you can run it with no worries...
  25. So you bought that one? Hmm...Good...Anyway,seeing that you have problems left,clearly explain the problem.Does the system go to sleep,or shutdown,or is it that the display just goes off for 2-3 secs and again comes back to normal?
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