is my internet too slow

hey i am installing a update for battlefield 3 and it is 6, 850. 76 mb big thats about 6 . 85 GB big right and the download speed is about a max of 746 KB/sec is that slow? i have a 3G mtn wireless modem and the kind of internet is HSPA+ MTN
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  1. If i was a broadband connection then I would say it was hellish slow by today`s standards.

    746 KB/s is very poor as well.

    To be honest if you wanted to download a file of 6.85 GB it would take you almost a week or more to get the full download at that speed, if not more.

    And I would also take a look at the conditions with the 3G adapter.
    What the usage allowance is, and how much extra is charged by going over the download usage or data cap.
    Anything over the stated amount may mean you are charged at a higher rate per extra Megabytes used over the limit or cap of data usage per month ect.

    I would consider looking for a better solution if where you live you can get services like Fiber optic or Adsl broadband.

    It may work out cheaper to have per month with higher downloading speeds.
  2. well the download time is about 2 and a half hours for 6 ,850.76 MB is this slow fast or normal
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    If you say two and a half hours then fine.
    But that will be at a constant 746 KB/s if it stays the same all of the time while downloading.

    Like I said though check what the usage policy is of the 3G adapter first.
    And the data download limit per month ect.

    I`m not saying it is the case but you could end up with a big bill or it could work out expensive so do check the usage allowance or data download policy before you go ahead.
    The max speed of 3G is about 7.2Mb/s.
    But as always it depends on how close you are to a cell tower, signal strength.
    And times of the day and night, when the network may be congested.
    So yes 746KB/s is quiet poor.
  4. can you pls tell me what internet will be good enough for downloading games like bioshock infinite
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