installing windows 8 from external HDD

Hi guys,

Hopefully somebody can help me with this problem...

Basically, I bought a MSI CX61 laptop last week and it came with a 1TB HDD with pre installed windows 8. I wanted to keep windows 8 but use my 120gb SSD instead. As the laptop only came with 1 hard drive slot and my usb sata connector wont work with SSDs I decided to install my SSD with ubuntu 12.04, which works perfectly well on my laptop. I now however have a 1TB HDD (which i have an external caddy for) with windows 8 installed on to it.

Basically, what I am asking is if it is possible to install windows 8 onto my SSD from my HDD, and keep ubuntu for a dual boot and then erase my HDD and keep it as an extra storage device.

Also this windows 8 install is programmed into the BIOS so I cannot just install a new copy and transfer the activation key.


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  1. you might be able to use your recovery dvds to reinstall windows which would pull your key from the bios.
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