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I found a deal at newegg which is a steal and I was wondering if this - - monitor would be suffice to play games in a 1080 res? Mainly FFXIV.

I'm really clueless to technology nowadays (I'm building my first desktop) and I appreciate the responses.
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  1. No, that monitor has a (maximum) resolution of 1600x900, somewhat less than 1920x1080 (1080p).

    But you can certainly still play and enjoy games at 1600x900.
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    I wouldn't call it a steal either with many other 20" monitors being only $10 more.
  3. I honestly only have a dead-end budget for $100. I guess I should wait for a discount on a capable monitor or lay low on the monitor until I have enough for it. There isn't any 1080p under 100 is it?
  4. yeah, that's a good monitor. Not great, but good. I have one on my desk at work right now. I'd go for that at that price. It's all my company would spring for.
  5. The cheapest 1080p I see is $110. Just buy a used monitor and save money. Pretty much every monitor I have I bought used. I go on craigslist as it's quite a bit cheaper and you can check the condition before buying.
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