Can a LGA 1150 cpu be installed on a LGA 2011 motherboard? What is LGA anyways? does it matter?

I'm ordering an i7 4770k cpu (which is LGA 1150) and GIGABYTE X79-UD3 motherboard (the site says it supports LGA 2011). i'm going for this motherboard because it's the cheapest i can find, that supports 3-way SLI.

so can i install that cpu on this motherboard? also, can the cpu cooler i'm ordering, corsair h100i, be installed on that CPU? because it says that it's for LGA: 1155,1156,1366,2011; AMD: AM2,AM3,FM1,FM2. Are there specific coolers for certain cpus?

if i cant do it, which mother board supports LGA 1150, and also has support for 3 way sli??
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  1. no it wont fit in this motherboard. Socket has to be the same on cpu and mobo. Cooler wont fit either, has to be the same with the cpu.

    This is what LGA is.

    dont try to put cpu on a mobo with different socket. you end up destroying both.
  2. LGAxxxx and AMx/FMx are socket types. These have to match for CPU and motherboard. CPU coolers can have multiple mounts and therefore can be universal since it is merely a piece of metal screwed on top of the CPU.

    Please, for your own sake, don't build this yourself, have someone who knows what they're doing do this for you.
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  3. The CPU and the socket on the MOBO both have to match. The cooler -MIGHT- work if you get an 1150 board, as I believe 1150 uses the same brackets as 1155. But perhaps someone that has used a H100i on a 1150 can chime in.
  4. Short answer: no.

    LGA 1150 processors were meant to be paired with LGA 1150 motherboards. :) Any board on this page will support the i7-4770K and 3-way SLI:

    The H100i will fit just fine on pretty much any motherboard.
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    The motherboard is a second generation aka "Sandy Bridge" socket. The LGA 2011 is for the second generation i7 processors. Therefore, you cannot install your 4th generation processor on that motherboard.

    The H100i can be installed on LGA 1150 motherboard as they have the same screw holes for mounting the CPU cooler.The sockets you had said such as the "LGA 1155 and AM2," this shows you what the H100i will support in processor socket. It can support all of those sockets that you have mentioned.

    I've gotten a motherboard that has the price of the motherboard you suggested. The motherboards I have picked supports LGA 1150 and has Quad SLI support. It depends which ever motherboard you prefer, they're made from different brands.

    First motherboard:

    Second motherboard:
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