i have windows 7 32 bit...... my pc is showing 3 gb of ram when i have installed 6 gb.....what can i do to solve this problem

please gimme an pc is howing just 3.3gigs of ram and i have installed 6.....i dont know whats the prob....i have a windows 7 32 bit
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    A thirty two bit OS will only recognize 4 gb of ram and only let you use approximately 3.5 gb of it. switch to a sixty four bit OS to fix your problem.
  2. 32bit windows' maximum ram is 4gb.
  3. Yep, to use more 4 gig of ram, you need a 64 bit OS.
  4. Hi,

    If you don't want to buy win 7 64, you can download ramdisk and install that until you get the a 64 bit OS.
    I've done that with windows xp 32 bit system I have. Works great and you do not totally waste your memory.
    You can google ramdisk and find easy instruction on how to make it work.
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