MSI R9 280x overclocking HELP!

Hi, anyone have overclocked the MSI R9 280x at 1100Mhz ?
is there any problems ?
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  1. Every chip is different. It doesn't matter if someone else can hit 1100 MHz.

    If your overclock is stable and temps are under control, you are good to go. Those are what you need to worry about.
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    I just opened my first one. It clocked to 1200/1500 with no trouble at 62c. The stock fan profile sucks though. Change that for sure. Waiting to open the other 2 I bought, but im at work now.
  3. am not into computer so much, so excuse me, you overclocked it to 1200Mhz with 62c ? what is fan profile ?

    Thanks :)
  4. Mine is 1135 / 1625.
    vCore 1.3
    vMem 1.625

    I think I can push the memory a bit further but so far this is the most stable setting I have. running heaven benchmark several times with ultra setting with no prob. the card got a little hot, 75ish at max load.

    I heard ppl can do 1200/1750.
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