Hard drive making loud spinning noise on boot

Since 3 or 4 days i seem to be having a problem with my hard drive.
When i boot up my PC in the evening (arround 23:00-01:00)my hard drivespins up like a madman, almost sound like when loading a disk in my dvd drive.
But when i reboot it just sounds normally.
Also when i boot up in the morning i never heard it spin up that badly.
i heard from some people that it might be the virus scanner or Microsoft Security Essentials that causes my hard drive to spin up that loud.

For my own test i will keep it off this evening and only boot it up in the morning to hear if it still does it then.

I hope someone can help me or can tell me what the problem is (unharmfull or maybe a hard drive failure).
The Hard drive i am using is a Seagate ST2000DM001 7200 RPM.

Thanks in advance for the help

Lennard Riezeweide.
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  1. If you hear any type of loud noises then you might want to back up all of your files. As far as I know, if the hard drive starts making sounds it is soon to fail. When you hear any clicking then it is very near its end.
  2. Well it is not clicking it is just making a really loud spinning noise. The hard drive is only about 3 month's old. i did the windows check disk but no errors came out of it.
    And according to Speedfan's SMART scan everything "should" be OK.
    If it really is failling then i guess i have to go back to the store and get a replacement.
  3. same problem with my samsung.. when im trying to access my files stored on this disc, it starts this "spinning" noise, in few secs explorer doesnt respond and when this sound comes to an end, everything is back to the normal - i can open my files. i believe this "spinning sound" sounds like when your pc comes from hibernation or sleep mode, im not sure. but it happens everytime i click on my files stored on this specific hard. so i guess " end is near". tho its diffrent from "clicking" sounds, but i believe every sound from your hard disc is a bad omen :/
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