HELP!!! ... Computer PC Powers and Turns on, but Doesn't Boot, etc

Please help!

My computer has been working great for the past 4-5 years, but all of the sudden I woke up today and the PC did not work.

The first thing I noticed was that when the PC did turn on, it did start to boot. On my monitor I saw the Motherboard logo screen (was the green color screen with MB name and Asus where I can also press delete to go to bios).

Anyway, but on that screen my PC seemed to be frozen. It was taking way too long to go past that screen than it normally does. So I turned off the PC and tired to restart it...

And BAM!
The PC powered on (fans running, cathode lights on, everything), but the monitor screen always remained blank black. The monitor light was like it was in the sleep mode. So I assumed the PC was not booting or anything.

I tried to restart it many times, but same result. Plus another thing I noticed was that, when normally the PC does work, there is a beep sound before it boots (or when it boots). Now I dont even get that sound.

Finally here are the things I tried:
I took out my 2 RAM sticks to see if MB works. And when I turned on the PC, I got the long beeps.
Other than that, I tried to take the power cable out of the HDD and put it back. And same for DVD drives. And finally, I added a new battery to the MB (like the small circle battery on the MB).

So please help guys. I'm really scared!

BTW, here are some specs:

MB - Asus M3N72-D
CPU - AMD Phenom 9850 Black edition Q.Core
RAM - 4 gb
Video - HD 4850
PSU - TX 650 watt
OS - WIndows 8
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  1. Hi,

    most of the time, it would be a faulty PSU, I would test with a working one. Especially since your pc is 4-5 year old.
  2. dextermat said:

    most of the time, it would be a faulty PSU, I would test with a working one. Especially since your pc is 4-5 year old.

    OK ... I got my computer running again. I think so.

    I solved it by removing one RAM stick at a time, and soon enough I found out that one of the sticks is probably faulty.

    Start with 2 sticks - PC a no go
    Start with 1 stick - PC a go go
    Start with other 1 stick - PC a no go

    Anyway, well it now seems to be running with only 1 stick.

    Now my question is:

    Why did this 1 RAM stick go bad?

    Why did my PC did not even boot using 2 sticks, even though 1 stick was good?

    And the biggest question ... in the meantime that I try to get new RAM ... can I run my PC with only my stick (2 GB) (for how long, etc)?

    Plus, how did I know what stick to get? Is it going to be the same as the old working one?
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