What is better about the ps4 than Xbox one and what should I get?

I need to have a idea of what to get the ps4 or Xbox one? And with them high quality head phones and screen that is affordable
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  1. Both systems are neck to neck in terms of hardware, but as I read more and more junk stuff and speculations here are the only differences :

    xbox1 cost 100 dlls more not including the taxes than ps4
    xbox 1 needs the kinect to work according to many sources cant have the box with no kinect.
    xbox1 online uses cost 60 a year ps4 50 a year ..

    some titles are exclusives to xbox one and not ps4 ..killer instinct , rise , titanfall I think ..

    both still in their infancy stage ..I want to buy ps4 because I do have a kinect and the suggested new uses of version 2 don't justify me using it ...voice comands I can live with out, having hand gestures for some limited commands I can live without , again kinect being able to turn your xbox on comand not for me , reads your bod temp..who cares ..reads your face gestures ..what for ? making a happy face when i kill a random player ?? lol ..all the things they say about kinect at the moment seem unattractive ...i don't play zumba or dance games really I don't care. Saving 100 bucks its more important. Maybe other players need the voice commands and silly gestures and little things like that not me ...xb1 out for me. To bad because I really like their exclusives more than ps4's ...but with that 100 bucks i can get a new game and if i add a bit more cash a year sub for ps4 ...belive me i would get an xbox 1 if they remove the silly kinect to work feature and cut that 100 dlls off the price very happy with my 360 at the moment ..but ...stupid company greedy decisions are turning my head the other way I said both are in their infancy ...there is not going to be a WOW factor of a new level of gaming detail until developers really get more time to spend with both systems ..and that's some years down the road..keeping my 360 a little longer and playing watchdogs on 360 besides I know later they will have a discount or better bundle deals ..

    ps..After reading more ..I think xbox 1 is trying to be your all in one media entertainment center hub for your living room and it does it better than ps4 in my opinion ..ps4 is basically the next evolution of ps3 ..not trying to be the center of your media in your living room ...just a basic gaming console like before nothing more although they are exploring more uses synergy with other sony devices. Again if they cut 100 dlls I go xbox ...if price is not an issue then ..xbox1 for sure ..lets see what 2014 brings in
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    PS4's camera (Eye) is a $60 add-on and is only used for video communications. While Kinect is used in gaming, navigation, and video communications. It's definitely not just about dancing. Audibles in football or calling plays while playing other sports games are among the usages for Kinect. Kinect also has fitness titles by which the Kinect can measure your heart rate and you can do P90x, Insanity, (MS has these already licensed on their fitness title). The new Kinect is state of the art. You don't have to use it if the game isn't made for it. As a matter of fact, MS has already stated you can unplug the Kinect and just use a controller. It's not a requirement. At any rate, I use my voice to navigate my way around my 360 as it is. This will continue with the Xbox One. Gestures are generally not required unless a game calls for it.

    Xbox live is the largest online gaming community. PSN+ costs around $50/year and doesn't offer even close to the services available on Xbox Live. Xbox Live yearly memberships can often been found for $35 in the form of cards from Amazon and Ebay (Newegg through Ebay). I haven't paid $60 for Xbox Live service in over 5 years. Xbox Live is pretty robust. The game matchmaking service is fantastic.

    On the Xbox One, the ability to watch a game-hints video or watch TV or take a skype call while you're playing a game is pretty compelling. TV passthrough is as well as you'll be able to manage and record TV all through the Xbox One. Also, video capture while gaming and being able to edit the video is another great feature of the Xbox One. Xbox One has partnered with the NFL to provide stats alongside the game while you are watching a football game. They have partnerships with ESPN as well. A lot of possibilities beyond what we already know as well..

    To me, the PS4 seems like a mere graphics upgrade to the PS3 whereas the Xbox One goes well beyond that with other services.

    I have already pre-ordered the Xbox One myself, as I've been a happy Xbox 360 customer and am excited to take advantage of not only the upgraded graphics, but the other features of the new system. Also, I'll be able to use my Xbox Live account on both systems (360 and One).

    I've had the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and sold the PS3 after a few months of comparison. Additionally, because all Sony has to offer with their new system is better graphics, I chose the Xbox One. Neither console will match my PC with 2 780s in SLI from a graphics standpoint, but I do look forward to playing Ryse on Day One.
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