my neighbour asbeen using my router for her internet, s our laptops are both bluetooth could she gain access to my laptop?

my neighbor as been using my router for her internet without my permission, as are laptops are both Bluetooth, could she be gaining access to my laptop?
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  1. You're connecting to your router using bluetooth??? In most cases it's a Wifi router. If you have open shares on your machine then it's possible that they could get access to files on your machine.
  2. The bluetooth can't do a thing unless you manually pair with her machine and setup file transfer or something. I'd be more worried about if you have shared libraries setup (which many people do without knowing), anything in those libraries is accessible to anyone on your network. That's worst case though, she can't remote in or anything as RDP requires a password.
  3. no I'm using wifi, so is she , she had my password I don't no how, but both laptops have Bluetooth so I am a bit worried in case she as gained access to my laptop throu hers , I have now changed the password.
  4. thank you jaxem thought they might have to be paired like some mobiles, but wasn't sure.
  5. bluetooth has to be paired with pretty much everything, PC's included. so she got the network password or was it your laptop password? change either or both if she's not supposed to and i'd block her mac address from the router if you didn't give her access.
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