How to reinstall Windows on an SSD

Hi, I was thinking about getting an SSD and putting windows 7 on it. But I already have Windows on my HDD. I have the Windows 7 Home Premium OEM System Builder and want to know if I can put it on my SSD.
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    Yes, you can replace your hdd with an ssd and use the same OEM copy of windows to do a fresh install.

  2. For 7 OEM, it just checks that you're using the same motherboard, so as was said, you just swap and re-install no problem, it will re-validate with the same key.
  3. So I have to Format, put in the SSD and install Windows but click to install on the SSD? If I use the same key twice will I have to do phone verification or something?
  4. you can just shutdown, install the ssd, boot from the install disk, pick the ssd to install to...when you use the key again, it will see it's the same computer and just authenticate over the internet, shouldn't require a phone call. You can format you HDD before or after (i would suggest after in case your SSD has a problem. Just disconnect the HDD before you start the machine back up to do the OS install.
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