need a replacement graphics card for an old pc

I currently have a very outdated system which i had built for me back in late 2008, and ive never had any problems with it, been great for what i use it for, but the graphics card has kind of died, it was a GTX260, im basically after any suggestions for a replacement, i could just buy the same card again, but is there a card slightly better that would be ok for the current build i have? I only play lotro and a little gw2 now and again.

The specs, i apologize if a little to vague.
E600 3.33ghz
600w psu
really unsure what cooler i currently have, and other information i have missed, im quite clueless when it comes to pc's but if anyone can suggest a replacement card that would be great, thanks.
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    I'm assuming you have the E8600
    The GTX 650 would be the nvidia replacement you're looking for
    You could also go for a radeon 7770 which performs better at a similar price

    And since your PSU had no problems with a 260, it should have no problems with any of these cards
    (my 260 made my PSU weep lol)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply :). Ill take a look at both cards.
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