1st Time Build with CM Storm Stryker, triple-monitor capable gaming PC

Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to the world of PC building, but I am researching and learning more every day. I am a console gamer, but I am looking to build my own rig so I can have another platform to choose games from. I am also in college, so I also plan to use the PC for simple programs like Microsoft Office for school work and surfing the web. I currently have a triple monitor setup by using two USB-DVI adapters. The monitors are 22" AOC LED.
I recently purchased a CM Storm Stryker case because I liked the look and huge working space. I am planning to use these components:

CPU- Intel Core i5 4670k
MoBo- ASUS Z87-A
***MicroCenter bundle for $320 (good deal?)

PSU- Corsair CX600M
RAM- Corsair Vengeance LP (2x4)
Other basic essentials such as ODD, HDD, Windows 8, and eventually SSD for OS

Since it is my 1st build, I have a lot of questions about what components to choose/compatibility:

-With the CM Storm Stryker, which has a lot of cooling features, would it be necessary to install an aftermarket cooler IF I do not plan on overclocking? If so, any recommendations (heat sink or liquid)? Not really worried about any super-quiet features. I plan to use headphones anyway so I was thinking the fans might do the job?

-For the GPU, I know this can be a heavily debated question. I'm liking the AMD's cheaper prices combined with free game downloads. I don't need to game on Ultra settings or plan to use a high-end monitor so it seems like AMD is a better option for my money. During my recent trip to Microcenter, there was an ASUS Radeon HD 7870 2GB for under $150. The manager said it was returned in its original packaging, and that they opened the box to test the card at the store. I'm not sure if this is a steal or a sucker's buy. Anyway, I haven't decided on a GPU and I know this could be a thread by itself. Any input on a GPU for a 1st time builder would be great. I plan on playing shooter/sniper games, FarCry, BF4, etc. That kind of card for $150 seemed like a hell of a deal because I would get FarCry3 and Battlefield 4 for free from AMD's Never Settle program.

-Triple-monitor gaming is not a requirement but would be nice to have if I could. I was wondering if the ASUS 7870 2GB and processor mentioned would be adequate for running these games on a triple-monitor setup?

-I'm not sure if the PSU is enough for all these components? If I had this setup:
CPU- Intel i5 4670k
Cooler- Corsair h100i
Mobo- ASUS Z87-A
GPU- ASUS Radeon HD 7870 2GB
RAM- Corsair Vengeance LP (2x4)
HDD- Seagate Barracuda 2TB
SSD- Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
ODD- LG Blu-ray
OS- Windows 8 (64-bit)

would a CX600M be okay for this kind of setup?

That is my part list I have picked out on Again, I have never built a PC before, and I would like this build to be able to play shooter games (FarCry, Battlefield) as well a workstation for school work. I am not married to the idea of triple-monitor gaming, but it would be a nice feature since I already have a triple-monitor setup. Also, I do not NEED to overclock or run games on ultra settings. I just want to be able to give these games more justice on a PC rather than a console's graphics engine. I am not hurting for money but I would like the total budget (excluding case) to fall under $1k since it is my 1st build. But I would always rather make financial sacrifices for quality parts that will last for years.

Sorry for the long post, but I have a lot of questions about my 1st build and I am just trying to get some different inputs. The guys at Microcenter are always too busy to help so I have taken it upon myself to do the research. Anything will help and be taken into consideration for my project. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read all this shit that has absolutely nothing to do with your own life. All responses are greatly appreciated by this n00b.
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    1. An aftermarket cooler is almost always recommended. However I have the CM storm trooper (the black model w/o window) and have used the default intel cooler, It's fine but a bit loud. Also if you not careful the fan wires can get caught up in the fan causing them to stop spinning. You really don't need a hefty cooler. I would get the cooler master hyper 212 evo.

    2. The 7870 Ghz is a great card. It will do most modern games at medium to high settings @ 1080p. IMO it's not enough on it's own for 3 monitor gaming. But I suppose if you could live with low to medium quality it may do the trick. If anything you could get 2 and crossfire them.

    3. I would really try to get a better PSU. The CX series is the bottom of the ladder for corsair. A good PSU will last multiple builds. Try the corsair TX650
  2. Thanks for the thorough input PsyKhiq. I appreciate the info and Im sure there will be plenty more questions once I start the build
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