Windows 7 Normal and Safe Mode Black Screen after Login

Hello folks, thanks for all the info over the years

It's finally happened. I'm at a dead end here and need to ask my own question.

My laptop (A Toshiba Satellite L305-S5945) recently obtained some viruses. I cleaned them all out and the laptop was working fine for a couple of days. Then, one fateful day, Windows would end up at a black screen directly after I logged in. The cursor is there and movable.

Going into Safe Mode results in the same thing.
Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Task Manager work, but if I try to run a new task it says the manager stopped working.

What I have already tried
1) Windows 7 CD repair
2) For some reason there are no system restore points
3) Chkdsk /r
4) Command Prompt and Bootrec.exe
and a few others

Unfortunately, there is only one user on the operating system

So, what can I do? Is there a way to make an Ultimate Boot CD for Windows 7, and perhaps sneak in and add a user account? Is there a way to install an updated driver for the display?

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  1. Try adding a new Administrator account first.
  2. How do I do that if I cannot see the Desktop or anything after logging in?

    Also, I have tried to run my Windows 7 CD after I login using the New Task option in Task Manager, but again, Task Manager freezes up. If I could get that CD to start up while I'm logged in, I could do an upgrade installation.
  3. Its a virus or malware infection.

    I guess you might end up with Data Recovery from C drive and then a Clean install.
  4. So is that the only solution? I am sure there must be another way.
  5. Best answer
    Press F8 on boot. Boot to safe mode.

    From safe mode you should be able to create another Administrator account.

    And still if you can't then you must have to go for a clean install(no other option available).
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