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Get Dos window after logo, win 8 new install..

Last response: in Windows 8
October 18, 2013 5:42:39 PM

I am trying to install win 8 on a new build.(see below) On the windows dvd, it starts with the blue windows logo, then the circling dots, and stops on a DOS window. The window top border has "Administrator: X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" in the window itself it has: "Microsoft windows [version 6.2.9200]
and that's as far as it goes.(the screen is blue, the dos window is black)

On the mobo dvd, I can get into the uefi or NERO Boot Loader Ver6. I cannot access anything else.

In the bios under the storage section, the SATA controller is enabled, mode is set to AHCI, the ssd is on SATA3_0 and the dvd is on SATA3_1. Boot is set to DVD #1 and SSD #2. Everything else is on default settings.

On the NERO screen, it has the copyright info followed by:
C: HD1 Pri[1], CHS 0-1-1, start= 0mb, size= 15mb.
illegal partition table drive 01 sector 0 (this line is repeated 4x)

current date (change or hit enter)
current time (change or hit enter)

I cannot access drive A as I get a "A: dos area unknown command given to driver,
(A)bort (I)gnore (R)etry (F)ail"

I even tried format C: didn't work.

All other install dvd's (vid card/dvd/ssd) get a "insert a boot dvd" error.

So, in summary: I can access the NERO and the BIOS on the mobo dvd. and nothing else.
I get as far as the blue window logo and the circling dots on the win8 install dvd, then I get the Dos window.

I am running out of hair to pull out of my head.

Thanks in advance,


(I7-4770, Asrock Z87 extreme4, 32g Gskillram, Samsung 840 120g SSD, Asus 210 silent video card, Asus DRW-24 DVD dvd reader /burner, coolermaster M2 620w bronze PS, coolermaster 120m cpu cooler, Fractal design R2 case.) (I also have a 1tb WD1002FAEX hdd that is not plugged in until I get windows on the SSD)

Best solution

a b * Windows 8
October 18, 2013 6:42:38 PM

Um... Do you have any red lights on the motherboard? When you enter BIOS, set boot priority to DVD. If this is what you did, then what did you say it does? Disconnect video card, leave 1 memory stick, 1 DVD drive, 1 SSD, no other drives of any kind.
October 19, 2013 8:01:09 PM

Thanks, I will try that, but now I have to fix my wife's car tomorrow as I am getting check engine light and it barely runs until 2500rpm. The OBD reader says its a #1 cylinder misfire. A spark plug is cheaper than a coil , so I hope its a spark plug and not a ordeal of a repair.

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October 21, 2013 5:22:04 PM

well, I tried taking all the ram out except 1. same thing. I tried the other hard drive, same thing.

I reset it again, and it went to the first install screen. !! But, when it went to the next screen to type in the key, the keyboard didn't work. The virtual keyboard didn't work either (bang head) I just shut it off for the day.
October 25, 2013 5:27:44 PM

I installed a new dvd reader/burner and it is installing windows now. So the dvd reader was my problem. Thanks all.