Computer Randomly Freezes.

After my RMA motherboard got back from asus, my computer randomly freezes and thats it it doesn't come back and I have to disconnect the power it won't let me press the power button to turn it off.
Also sometimes when I turn my pc on it does 1 long and 3 short beeps which means gpu error so I took the gpu and try it on another pci slot but it didn't work neither so I tried out an old gpu on the first pci port but it gave me the same error so I tried in another one and it worked, I assumed that my new gpu and a pci port is broken, so I sent the gpu to evga for a repair, now after a few hours with the old gpu just got freezed again, now I'm confused I thought it was freezing due to the new gpu idk what to do. someone help me plz, I already updated all the drivers.

Asus Rampage 4 Formula
Intel Core I7-3820
WIndow 7 Ultimate 64 Bits
32 gb of ram running at 1333mhz
GTX 770 2gb evga (new gpu that I sent to replacement, repair)
Ati Radeon HD 4650 (Old gpu currently using)
750w psu
liquid cooling system
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  1. Do you have the latest BIOS? also you mentioned drivers, do you have all the latest mobo and GPU drivers?
  2. I haven't update the bios. The others drivers yes.
  3. Give that a try and let me know
  4. Just did it updated but remember is random freezes so I don't know if it did work until it happens :C.
  5. That's fine, I'm in and out daily ;)
  6. It hasn't freezed since yesterday mmm I'f it doesn't freeze by tomorrow I guess is ok thanks anyway tradesman1.
  7. Glad to hear ;)
  8. I thought it was fixed but got the same error 2 times since updated the bios, but this time it doesn't freeze like stopping everything at the same time, now it started freezing the game and everything but the audio.
  9. Try raising the VCCSA voltage about + 0.08
  10. It is on .89 and it goes up to 0.9
  11. oh btw I overcloked the cpu to 4.4
  12. OK, try QPIVTT up about +0.06
  13. I'm using the AI Suite 2 (just to see voltages) but I don't see the QPIVTT is that the 2nd VTTCPU?
  14. Believe so
  15. if is that it is at 1.0
  16. So to about 1.06/7
  17. k I did it but I have to go for today is really late here so I'll come back tomorrow thanks for everything I putted the voltage on 1.06 like u said.
  18. I'll be around prob mid afternoon, PST in the US
  19. got 2 blue screens today wtf?
  20. Best answer
    Don't know, do you have a different PSU you could try? Might check the DRAM, run Memtest on each stick (about 4-5 passes) to see if a bad stick.....imagine could try a fresh install of Win...
  21. mmm I can install windows again but tomorrow. Idk how to run Memtest if you could post me a link to a tutorial or something that would be awesome or explain me, and I forgot to tell you that I have a Ground Issue, my motherboard has electricity idk why, and I have the log/reports of the 2 blue screen.
  22. Just installed windows, before installing it I ran a memtest and everything was alright no errors.
  23. Sounds like things are good, may want to close thread
  24. Haven't got any blue screens and/or freeze and I installed my new video card that just arrived, what I did was installed windows and updated drivers and everything started working perfectly, haven't got any kind of previously error, thanks for everything tradesman.
  25. No problem, may want to close this ;)
  26. In the response, at the bottom of those is a button marked PICK AS SOLUTION - click it on your favorite response
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