Turn Off "Windows write-cache buffer flushing" on Samsung SSD 840 Pro?

Good day and thanks to everyone that replied to my previous questions :wahoo:

So I just got my new Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB, put it inside my laptop, clean-installed Windows 7, then went through some SSD optimization guides... In one step, I read that turning off write-cache buffer flushing for some SSDs, Intel SSDs for example, will cause in a significant performance drop! and the maker of that guide advised to run some benchmarks before and after disabling this option to see if it will make any difference.
So what about my Samsung SSD? I'm concerned more about its performance, should I turn off write-cache buffer flushing (yes, I understand the risks of doing this)? has anyone gained more speed on this SSD after doing this tweak?

Thanks in advance for your replies :)
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    To answer your question, I have the exact SSD as you , and by turninig windows write-caching buffer flushing, i get around 300 more or even 400 more points in AS SSD. I scored a 1.271 Points with my ssd so far in AS SDD .
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