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So I plan on building my first PC soon :wahoo:

My 1st question is: From what I've heard adding another graphics card won't double your space. Is this true? If I get a 2GB Card then Crossfire it with the same exact 2GB card I should have 4Gb of Dedicated Video Ram to meet certain game requirements right?

My 2nd question is: I plan on putting just 1 graphics Card in my build, later on I'll probably add a 2nd one via crossfire. So can I put my Single Graphics Card in a PCI x4_1 slot then later put the other one is the PCI x4_2 slot? or should I put the single in the X16_1 until I get the other one, then put the 2nd one in the PCI x4_3. I just need to have room for my Wi-Fi card PCI (it is the smallest PCI slot) >Motherboard I plan on getting< Manufacturer's Page
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    1. No, vram doesn't add up. You will always have 2gb of vram, no matter how many gpus you add.

    2. You MUST put your gpu in the x16 now, and the next gpu in the adjacent x4 lane.
  2. buy the best single card you can get. by the time you crossfire it won't be worth it................ it usually isn't anyways if all you're chasing is FPS numbers vs other aspects of performance.

    i also wouldn't run a second card in a 4x slot............... and you need to make sure of the pci-e lanes supported by cpu.
  3. Thanks for the answers. Really good to know that the vram doesn't add up. I was planning on getting (2)2gb cards to meet the 3gb requirements for new games. After I went back and looked at the card I realized the card(s) wouldn't block the Mini PCI port for my wireless card even if I got 2. Also thanks for info on crossfire/SLI I'll probably just aim for a decent 3gb card.
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