Looking back on my first build today

Hello Toms Hardwarians, I built my first computer ever today (I'm posting on it now actually!) and looking back, a few things stood out.

1. Never be afraid to ask for help, from choosing components, to troubleshooting any errors.

2. Believe it or not, the manual for your motherboard is actually an extremely good place to find information!

3. It is very easy to cut yourself on things inside your computer (Ouch)

4. Do not be so afraid, even if it is something you have literally no experience with; I was literally terrified the entire time, from unboxing, to putting things in, to turning it on.

5. If your computer gets power to the motherboard, but does not turn on, you probably put your power switch connection onto your motherboard upside down (Oops)

6. You may be surprised looking back. I was expecting the most fun part to be putting the hardware in, and I was dreading the wiring. It turns out, I enjoyed doing the wiring nice and tight, while putting my aftermarket cpu cooler on was a nightmare (I like randomly rested the thermal paste end against my shirt at one point, go me; luckily I bought an extra tube of it)

The mistakes I made building my first rig:

1. I touched the thermal paste to my shirt.

2. I put my power switch connector on the wrong pins at first.

3. I put my USB connector on the wrong place and wondered why they were not working (Front panel)

4. I did not attach my power supply to my hard drive or dvd-drive (I think I was just super excited at that point to turn it on and try.

5. I dropped the fan (not the entire thing) of my cpu cooler on my motherboard from like a foot above it.

6. I bent my ethernet cable as I tried to jam it in, not realizing there was a protector thingy inside it. Luckily I had several more cables :P

That is pretty much it.

IF I can make that many mistakes, and everything still works peachy keen (So far anyway, doing some prime 95 tonight I guess!) Then it really cannot be all that hard.

Advice I would give:

1 and only: Take your time, make sure you do things right the entire time. Do not be afraid to push things into the socket, its not that scary!

Questions I have still: Windows update is giving me an error and I cannot get it to do anything at all. Error code:

Windows Update error 8024001F. I googled it and it is like "make sure you are connected to the internet!" and I sure am already!

Also every time I turn my pc on, it gives me "CPU fan error!" and I have to hit f1 to continue. My cpu fan is definetely working, and seems to be working 100% correctly. Think it is a bug with there bios, from reading about it and aftermarket fans.
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  1. Yeah,you say right bro...I've experienced all these too... :D But it's quite fun seriously....
    As for the CPU fan issue,yes that's because you've got an aftermarket cooler.I read somewhere that in BIOS there is an option asking whether or not to alert you if the fan is running slow. Since you are not using the stock cooler, BIOS thinks your fan is running too slow. If you are sure your fan is fine, disable this feature. You'll have to look through Bios for that option.
    And the update error,just like you said,Microsoft says this:
    "If you receive Windows Update error 8024001F while checking for updates, you need to connect to the Internet. Make sure that your network cable is plugged in and securely connected to your computer. To check if your Internet connection is working, try opening your web browser and going to a website that you frequently visit. Once you have confirmed that you are connected to the Internet, try to check for updates again." :)
  2. I like randomly went in and changed some settings on my windows update, and it worked for awhile, downloaded 98 updated, installed them..now I am running it again, same error lol. Not quite sure what to to about it :9
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