Imaging a Somewhat Faulty Hard Drive

I have a Windows 7 OS that keeps crashing....long story short is that the SSD (Mushkin Chronos MX - 120GB) just seems to stop. Luckily, I have a spare SSD (Mushkin Chronos - 120GB) and so I am attempting to move all data to that spare.

I connected the original drive to another computer via USB adapter and started copying data from my important folders. The copy process goes well for a few minutes (anywhere from 30s to 5 mins) and then all the sudden it hangs up. I quickly cycle power to the USB adapter and the computer pops up the message "cannot read from source - ignore, cancel, retry, blah blah blah" and I choose retry...and the copy process continues for another 30s-5mins. After hours of this, I was able to backup all my important information. However, I would really like to be able to image the drive so as to avoid re-installing the OS (for which I don't have since the Gateway machine did not ship with one). The original computer is my sisters; she has her software and preferences all set up and imaging the drive would save me the headache of helping her set all that stuff up again.

Does anyone know of imaging software that can take an interruption like I described and be able to continue? Or, one that can create the image in pieces (ie, 2GB chunks) that I can reconstitute after the fact?

FYI - The drive has three partitions: 18GB, 100MB, and 94GB. I was definitely able to image the 2nd partition, I believe I was able to image the 1st partition, and I have not been able to image the 3rd partition as it is too large for me to do at once.

FYI - I tried connecting the drives to computer via the SATA ports and booting off of UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) and running one of the cloning programs...hoping that the faster speeds would give me the time to image the drives/ luck.

FYI - I also tried booting the original machine with the original SSD and running the Windows System Image. It seems to get about 2/3 the way before it fails with some weird error about not being able to access some network location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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  1. ddrescue will image a drive that has bad sectors. It keeps a log, so it can resume after recycling power.
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