First Build - Stryker Case - Fans turn on for 2-3 seconds, then nothing.

I have a Stryker case and the fan controller/power connection for the fans was very confusing according to the instruction manual. I hope I set things up right but can't be sure.

I can't seem to access the fan controller other than from the back, and I'm not even sure this is the cause for my issue.

When I first boot, the power supply's fan does not spin, but the case's fans---which are connected directly to the power supply, and apparently also connected to the fan controller, do spin.

The fans spin for a total of 2-3 seconds, then turn off. I can turn the power button on again and the fans will spin again for a few seconds, then turn off.

Nothing else turns on. The power button does not light up, no sign of life on anything other than the fans.

My after-market CPU fan installed on the motherboard spins too, so what gives?

This is my first build and I'm very confused and stressed.

Thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. Check all connections again. make sure your 8 pin cpu cable is plugged in.
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