Corsair H80i fans replaced with Cool master Jetflo 120mm fans safe?

I recently bought the H80i and Jetflo 120mm fans, i wasn't happy on the DBA of the stock fans on the H80i, and was going to replace those fans but came across a forum saying these fans will destroy the Corsair H80i or H100i cooler if hooked up directly, would this do so? and why? if not will the DBA be much lower? and whats a good temperature for a FX 8350(set RPM) @ 4.2g(non-clocked)
Thanks in advance
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  1. i bought a pair of Noctual NF-F12's and works and sounds like a charm in the h80i, using jetflo's as side intakes, and stock h80i fans at low RPM as push and pull
  2. Vincent Romanell said:
    using jetflo's as side intakes

    Firstly, sorry to semi-hijack this thread! But what speed do you have your JetFlow's running at? And can you lower their speed to make them "silent" (or at least so quiet that they're effectively silent from a reasonably small distance away)? I'm thinking of getting 2 of these and running them at low rpm's as I like a quiet computer, but having the ability to speed up the fans a substantial amount would prove useful for gaming in the summer :D
  3. I have them set to 400-600RPM and its silent(used bios settings to adjust), my computer is about 3 feet away from me
  4. Awesome, thanks :D But do they provide decent enough airflow at those speeds? Of course no fan at 500RPM or so is going to move a hurricane of wind, but is it enough airflow to be worth getting a pair? :)
  5. yeah i think they are worth it, you can also get a fan controller to switch higher rpm when gaming then lower after
  6. Nice :) I'll be linking them up to the fan headers on a Maximus VI Gene, so I'll be able to use fanxpert 2 (or whatever it's called) to speed the fans up a little when I'm gaming, but I'd still prefer silence over slightly higher temps. It's nice knowing you can get either silence or high airflow with these fans, depending on what you're doing, and without having to get a fan that's brown :P :D
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