Upgraded to 8.1: PC no longer boots, SSD not being detected.

Hi guys and gals,

Firstly my specs
Windows 8 ( 8.1?)
MOBO : Asus sabertooth z87
CPU : Intel core i5-4670k
GPU: Asus gtx 770
SSD: ocz vertex 450
Ram : G.Skill Ripjaws 8gb
HDD : 2tb something something.

So last night i installed the new update for windows 8 , 8.1. It worked fine last night and i turned my pc off when i went to bed. This morning i woke up and turned my pc on. It started up fine but wouldn't detect any keyboards or mice. so i restarted and then it would not boot to windows at all. My ssd (boot device) is not even showing now in the list of bootable devices in bios. only my hdd (just data) and my dvd-rom.

I have tried defaulting my mobo, changing all the cables and ports on the mobo and ssd to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can try?
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  1. Hey there! Sorry to hear you in this situation, also I am delighted that I am not alone. I am also Asus Z87 Deluxe MoBo use with 4770K. I also installed Win 8.1 last night and it worked all day. I restarted it and it restarted without keyboard and mouse.

    On farther investigation, I figured out that I have no power on any USB ports. I tested it by connecting USB stick and see no light. I was advised to boot from DVD in Safe mode, go to device manager and uninstall USB driver. Then restart and it should install it again. To enter Safe mode we supposed to tap or press and hold F8. On my system it offers boot options- I can select DVD or SSD (it still detected). When press SSD, it goes on to load Win 8 up to the image- can not activate password screen without keyboard. Please, see my other thread on this forum, and if you find solution, please, post it here or to my thread. Here is useful link:

    Here is my thread on IT Pro:

    Here is my thread on Egg:

    I hope that there will be an answer somewhere soon. Keep us posted!
  2. Hmmmm my pc is still able to detect usb. Good luck though! and i will update you with any info
  3. Try it in another system if possible. If it still isn't detected, RMA the drive. From your description, sounds like you had a faulty drive that was about to die. I see this every so often where I work. We have about 1500 machines at the office and every year we get 4 or 5 drives crapping out that show these symptoms just before they fail.
  4. Shall do. Thanks. I will get back to you if it works/ crapped out.
  5. You wrote that you lost keyboard and mouse and now can not load Windows. How far can you boot? Did you test USB drives after Windows attempts to load? I have USB power and keyboard/mouth working while in BIOS. Soon as Windows logo appears, the power goes away.
  6. oh sorry i wasn't very specific with the whole keyboard and mouse thing. The keyboard and mouse would only work just before and in bios. It would then stop once windows did load up (when it was working this morning). So yeah same situation as you. This morning i could boot into windows but keyboard and mouse would not work. but now i can only get into bios as my ssd is not responding which is my boot device.
  7. what keyboard and mouse is it??

    was looking up for windows 8.1 booting problems
    remember seeing there a problem with steelseries engine(?)
  8. Best answer
    I doubt it is just a mouse- must be all USB ports. Test them with the stick see if there is light. Can you enter Safe mode by pressing F8 on boot? My only offers boot order options such as DVD and SSD.
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