8 pin PSU --> 6 pin GPU; Will I burn out the card?

Hi all, I'm admittedly a little iffy on PSU power distribution and looking to set my mind at ease before going forward.

I'm currently rigging a system up with an older evga GTX 285 Video Card which has two 6pin ports on it for power from the PSU.

I'm using a 750w Modular PSU with two PCIE 8pin ports and two PCIE 6pin ports.

Naturally, the common practice would be to use the 6pin ports on the PSU to power the card, but the cables needed to do so are being used in another system.

So my question;
If I were to use two "8pin to 6pin" converter cables to power the card, would it overload the card, or would the card only pull the power it needed? I'd rather not go burning out the card, she's been a rather reliable troubleshooting companion.
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    It will only pull the power needed so it will work.
  2. Awesome! I thought as much but wanted to be sure, I wasn't sure if the card 'pulled' or if the PSU 'pushed.'
    Thanks for setting my mind at ease and teaching me something at the same time! :D
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