Should I upgrade my MOBO for better performance?

I have an old q6600 processsor paired with a Intel Bad Axe 2 D975XBX2 and 4GB of ddr2 800 ram.

I was wondering if upgrading to an MSI g41m-p26 motherboard which supports ddr3 and a 1333MHZ FSB would be a feasible upgrade? Keep in mind this motherboard still supports the 775 socket so my q6600 will still work.

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    No. That upgrade is not giving you much more performance.
    Q6600 is good OC cpu. I did have Q9300 but then I did sell it away.
    I did get 1366 960 + sabertooth. Now I did upgrade that to 3930k + gigabyte mobo. So best choice for you is maybe save bit more and go to lga 1150 or older 1155 and buy 4670k or 3570k. If you do not want to OC then good buy is Intel xeon 1230V2 / V3 butthey do not have iGPU so you need video card.

    Here you can look how fast your cpu is.
    Looks fast.. ^^
    Maybe this is better.,3487.html

    Here is gaming and aplication performance.,3487-20.html
  2. Okay, thanks for the help. Looks like I'll be saving for a an ivy bridge chipset then and a new cpu.
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