I am planning to buy a HD 5450 which is pcie 2.1 but my motherboard is just pcie 1.1 slot.I am also planning to buy Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140.Will it be compatible?
Desktop:Samsung Magic Station DB-Z58
Chipset:Intel 82945g
Processor:Intel Pentium 4 631 HT. 3.00GHZ
Motherboard:Alioth-50 R.1 09G LGA 775
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  1. Yes it will be fine. The dual core Pentium however will not be compatible with your motherboard.
  2. Are you sure the HD 5450 will work?????Or ill get the nvidia gt 210???
    According to this, the intel pentium dual core e2140 is this true?
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    Stick with the 5450
    According to Intel's site for that CPU (Cedar Mill P4 631), it's a socket 775 which is the same socket as the E2140 (you would probably need to update your motherboard BIOS for that though)
  4. My power supply is just 220 watt.....will both of them work????
  5. That Pentium 4 used 86W while the E2140 uses 65W, the 5450 is also a lower powered card so it should probably work.
  6. I will buy them next week.....Will it play prototype 2 or any modern game at decent fps with low-medium settings?
  7. Sadly, I don't think so, they wouldn't run very well (even at minimum settings).
    Here's a gameplay video
    You'd be better off building a new machine if you want to play any modern games :|
  8. I see but i saw this: it was playable even on a Pentium 4 ht(overclocked to 3.6) mine is overclocked to 3.4 ghz.

    My bios is phoenix technologies ver. 6.00 date 12/4/2006...will it detect both???
    The E2140 was released in 2007 apparently, so I don't think so :|
    It should be playable for you at low medium settings, but any newer games coming out will struggle much more
  10. So, it means that both of them isn't going to work? Or its going to work but will not be detected by the bios??
  11. There is no guarantee, you'd have to check that with the motherboard manufacturer
  12. My motherboard is Alioth-50 R.1 09G which i cant find in the internet....but i know my desktop is korean(im just translating with google translate) i also flashed the latest bios and im already using it.. here:
  13. I'm afraid I can't help you there, regarding the graphics card check out this thread:

    The latest updates seem a bit too outdated for your board to recognize these parts
  14. But even if its not recognized...will it work? i really want to upgrade this pc...
  15. It probably wouldn't POST if that were the case, you could probably look around for some second hand/older PCI-E cards to buy
  16. I saw someone that put a core 2 duo e6550 on the pc i currently have...
  17. You could certainly ask them about it then try that upgrade, just to stay on the safe side
    Sorry, I can't give a guarantee on something like that which I'm not too sure about :(

    These parts wouldn't last you very long in terms of gaming, are you thinking of getting a build for gaming anytime soon?
  18. Ouch....Thanks anyway......I will still try to put them here in my mobo.....
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