Watercooling a 7970 vapor x

Ok so I already know that every full cover water block out there will not work on a 7970 vapor-x. My question is where can I find waterblocks or something to cool my vram if I get a universal waterblock ?O.o
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    Check your local websites, they'll usually have ramsinks under the cooling>heatsinks>VGA subsection, something like these:
    Don't forget the VRMs, especially if you're planning on overclocking the card-while you can use thermal pads for the RAM you'll almost certainly need to use thermal adhesive to hold additional cooling to the VRMs BTW.
  2. So what would I need to get for the VRM cooling? Would those same heatsinks work on them or would I need something else?
  3. I've used them, or similar, before with good effect, the hard part is keeping them securely stuck down, it's not too serious on a memory chip but critical on something that produces as much heat as the VRM modules.
  4. Ok. Thinking it might be better to sell or trade my card. Plus full blocks look better. Now I just need to figure out how to sell this card or trade it for a reference design one
  5. You can sell the card here at Tom's on the Deal's forum.
    With the cash you get, I would be looking at getting a reference 780/ti or 290X and water-cooling that down the line. Not much point spending cash for the same card so you can water-cool it.
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