Compatible video card for windows 7

I have Acer Aspire T180
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ / 2.4 GHz
4GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 6100 (integrated)
160.0 GB
Install of windows 7 failing because video seems not sufficient
Anyone know of a suitable basic PCI graphics card that will do - don't want to spend much and don't need it posh
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  1. where do you live and what is your budget ? Are you planning on gaming , or basic daily work ?
  2. Not for gaming just to get Windows 7 on for surfing and basics like MS Office.
    Been using XP SP2 all this time and after had a problem from SP3 install. Reinstalled XP but decided I would like to use son's Windows 7 disk to install on it.
  3. ^"suitable basic PCI graphics card that will do"

    Do you mean the basic PCI slot, or PCI-E?

    If it's basic PCI you're looking for then this 8400 GS might fit the bill (it's expensive for a low end card)

    If it's normal PCI-E then a 5450 or 6450 would do nicely

    a geforce 210 wouldn't be too bad either
  4. Then go with my idea of getting a cheap and cheerful ATI RADEON 5450.
  5. ^cheap and cheerful, sounds lovely :D
  6. Radeon 5450 sounds good , can I go even cheeper and still be ok with windows 7 would be happy with a used one.
  7. What do you mean? also this one is $10 after rebates (I don't know how rebates work over there though)
  8. rolandzhang3 said:
    What do you mean? also this one is $10 after rebates (I don't know how rebates work over there though)

    It's mail-in rebates. The manufacturer would mail you a cheque ( I think ) provided you fill in the rebate form.
  9. Ah, that sounds like a real hassle :|
  10. In UK.

    Would nvidia geforce 210 be any good? Seen one quite cheap.
  11. Well since you don't really need dx11 etc. then a cheap 210 should suffice for basic applications
  12. OK so I found a very cheap solution. I robbed out the r9250 128 m 64-bit pci video card from a DELL Dimension 2400. Installed, downloaded the driver and so far so good. The Windows 7 installation does not mess up the screen any more. I know it is not fancy and I expect that the quality within windows 7 will not be very good but at least I will be able to install it now. Thank you every one.
  13. Best answer
    Have fun mate :D
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