i3 3227u 1.9ghz bottlenecking cpu?

Hello guys :) ,my name is Stefan i have Dell Ispiron 3521 (i3 3227u 1.9ghz, 8730m 2gb, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz,500gb 5400rmp) i have question if i3 3227u bottlenecking the 8730m ?
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  1. no.
  2. hafijur said:
    Well I used to have an i5 3317u at 2.4ghz and gt640m, it will bottleneck the 8730m 10-30% in very cpu demanding games like dirt 2 dirt 3, dirt showdown, f1 2013, batman arkham city etc. It depends on what game you play though but in general it shouldn't bottleneck you or if it did by only a little 4-6fps etc.

    Thanks, man :D
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