SATA DVD Writer doesn't open, only the green LED blinks, when I press the button.

I built an everyday PC recently (I'm a first timer). Everything went well till I tried to open the DVD Writer (after installing the OS, I did it through a USB). When I press the button, the light just blinks for some time the stops. I tried swapping SATA cables with the hard drive (while the computer was switched off that is). The OS would load the same but the Writer would still blink the green LED. The specs are:

i3 3220 CPU
300w power
500 GB SDD
Gigabyte p75 d3 Motherboard
Nvidia GTX 610
T-Link WiFi adapter
Ubuntu OS

The Writer is covered by a plate that came with the case, the one for CD drives, so I want to try fixing this without removing the Writer preferably.
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  1. Covered with a plate that came with the case? What case is it? The drive typically has it's own front plate that should not be covered by anything.
  2. Not exactly a cover, but like a click-on thing that came with the case incase the drive is a different color than the case.
  3. Can you hear any motor spinning inside the DVD Writer? Usually there will be a rubber belt that operates the tray. Sometimes this belt slips.

    There should be a small "manual eject hole" in the front bezel. Insert a paperclip or something similar, and press down to open the tray.
  4. Will it start working properly after I manually open it once? As in, when I press the main button, will it start opening like other Writers?
  5. The manual eject hole is useful for gaining access to a stuck disc. It doesn't actually fix anything. It's a bit like winding down an aircraft's landing gear by hand when the electrics or hydraulics fail.
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    I've had several do that, including two on a couple of my AIX machines at work. The rubber belt that runs part of the opening mechanism breaks when they get old. I've heard a rubber O ring, found in the plumbing department of most home improvement stores, can replace them, if you get the right size.

    Use the manual eject hole to open the drive, mentioned above, and see if you can find a small wheel right in the front center of the drive under the eject tray, and if it has a rubber belt on it or broken and nearby. If you can get that belt out and bring it to a home improvement store, you might find an O ring to use to replace it. I have only heard about this, and not done it myself, but I plan to in the near future.
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