Asus: z77 v pro vs sabertooth???

I am in need of a new motherboard I don't really want to upgrade everything jsut the Mb for now I am an using ivy bridge cpu and the Z77 chipset is what I would need. I think it is the best chipset for the 1155 socket for me. my question is what is the big difference between the P8Z77 V-PRO and the Z77 Sabertooth MB. They have very similar specs. They both have PCI-e lanes in pretty much the same spots at the same bandwidhs i think i could be wrong about that. But I know the sabertooth has 1 PCI_e 3.0@16x and another at 8x and then the third is a PCI-e 2.0 so I would hope that the V-PRO is the same. but other than the price how does the V-Pro stack up against the sabertooth and would the extra 40 bucks be worth it????
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  1. Both are great mobos, pick the one that appeals to you the most or if one has a special feature you want
  2. Well I would think that the sabertooth with it's design to keep cooler would be better but the V-pro is probably just as good in other aspects it is a tough call. I will probably get which ever one has a sale soon or if not then I will go with the V -Pro because it is cheaper....unless I find a reason i should not or someone tells me that the sabertoooth is superior in other ways.
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    Have used both and give a clear advantange to one or the other, the Pro also runs cool, and you don't have to clean out dust and and stuff from under the tuf panels - it can collect a fair amount under those
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