GTX 285+onboard video card for 3 displays???

Is it possilbe to connect two displays to the DVI outputs of Geforce GTX 285 (It has only two DVI outputs, nothing else) and a third diaplay to the DVI output of asus p8z77-m motherboard(DVI, VGA and HDMI outputs) ?
what i tried to do is that,I enabled the onboard Graphic card from the bios so that both graphic cards appear under display adapters in windows device manager also the device manager recognizes two monitors in the monitors tab and when i connect the third monitor to the onboard DVI, nothing happens, even after "scan for hardware changes" . any suggestions?
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  1. It depends on what are you going to do ? gaming or work only.
    1. no you can't use the motherboard or integrated (cpu) video, unless you would have AMD APU.
    2. I would say if it is for work or images,then buy another cheaper gpu for the third monitor. or if for gaming then a better card then yours currently.
    3.(usb to dvi converters) its just a basic video card that interfaces through a USB port. For basic viewing I think it would be fine, maybe youtube videos, but I doubt any video resolution higher than that.
    4. Buy a dualhead2go and a dual output card for triple monitors . One monitor plugs into the card, the dualhead2go plugs into the card, and then the other two monitors plug into the the dh2g unit. Probably no good for gaming, but it does everything at work fine.
  2. i needed the third monitor for youtube images ... so i think i will try the usb to dvi
    thank you for the info
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    your welcome, if i helped just pick my post as solution. Thanks!
  4. I used my old gtx 285 with two monitors just fine. Just using it for work mainly, but never had any problems. I used one dvi cable and a vga to dvi connector for the vga cable.
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