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i have problems formatting my computer because i want to make another installation(windows 8 on my computer which was windows xp). what should i do? also, my computer brand is ASUS with 3.49GB of RAM. what must i do??? :(
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  1. Install the win 8 and let it format before new installation. It is an option when you run the install, it will wipe your drive totally clean of all data before installing.
  2. You just simply format it, I don't know what seems to be the problem bro. But all of your files in your current xp will be deleted.
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    If you got important files from your old OS then back it up prior WIN 8 installation in an external drive or pen drive. Then install WIN 8. A WIN 8 32 bits version will be fine for you, as you have got over 3GB of RAM.

    And if you are experiencing some problems with installation then put it here we will try to help you. Good luck.
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