Most $$$ for a graphics card for 1440x900

I currently have an AMD 955 and a GTX 275 (time for an upgrade i know) playing on a 1440x900 screen on a 650W power supply (although i question the 650W rating)

since i only plan on upgrading my graphics card and possibly my power supply, what is the most money that i should realistically spend on a new graphics card to run most games at maximum detail? It's only now that I am finding trouble running games at max detail so i am looking to upgrade.....

I guess another constraint is that the new card has to be shorter than a gtx 275 in order to fit inside my case
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  1. I wouldn't go above a 7850
  2. Whats your budget? Depending on games you play a Radeon 7700 may be enough.
  3. a 7770/7790 should be enough for you. anything over that is just overkill for that res.
  4. i dont really have a just trying to see what would actually be an overkill amount of money to pay for a graphics card for my resolution that i am gaming at. I got my gtx 275 for $250 when that was on the market but i wouldn't imagine i would have to spend $250 to get good framerates on modern day games
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    A 7770 is only about $120.
    Even a 7850 is only about $160
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