No signal from video outputs on motherboard - MSI G45 Z87 Gaming.


I've been trying several times now to connect my HDMI cable from mine Samsung TV to my PC with no luck. The TV sais "No signal from HDMI".

When the HDMI cable is plugged in to the input on the grapich card it works. (GTX 285, with an adapter DVI - HDMI). But when I try to plug it in to the motherboard it doesn't work, there is no signal.

If you're wondering why I want to plug it in my motherboard instead of leaving it in my grapich card it's because I can't get sound from my PC to the TV when I'm using the adapter. :)

Thanks in advance.
- Darko.
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  1. Try changing the default graphics in bios to onboard.
  2. jbseven said:
    Try changing the default graphics in bios to onboard.

    Uhm, I can't find where I can switch that. Motherboard is MSI G45 Z87 Gaming.
  3. It differs with every motherboard. I don't own an MSI motherboard so I couldn't tell you for sure. But on my PC its in BIOS under Advanced>North Bridge Controller.

    Its not very difficult to browse all the sections in BIOS. As long as you don't change anything else you should be fine.
  4. I messed around in the bios for a while now. And the results I got was no signal from neither the video card or motherboard. I had to clear cmos...
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