HELP: PC Becomes Too Slow

My PC recently became too slow. If I restart it, then it's supper fast, but after 30 min or so it becomes slow again. As I am typing this, the words seems to take several seconds to show up.

I have Win 7. It's an Athlon II X4. 4GB RAM. 128GB Crucial SSD. I only use it web for browsing and streaming. I think this is a decent PC for the purpose.

I have AVG Antirvirus on schedule to run twice a week. I also have Malwarebytes that I update and run almost every day.

I just don't understand why it suddenly become so slow after 30 minutes or so of boot up.

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated.
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  1. my first thought is 'overheating' check the temps first
  2. Gauravat19 said:
    my first thought is 'overheating' check the temps first

    really? that's the last thing i would have thought.

    i don't do any gaming or overclocking. how do i check the temp?

  3. download hwmonitor and did u install more than 1 antivirus? it really slows down the system
  4. nope. i have only 1 antivirus running.
  5. post your temps from hwmonitor or realtemp
  6. do you hear the cpu fan whirring up? noisier than usual?
  7. Gauravat19 said:
    download hwmonitor and did u install more than 1 antivirus? it really slows down the system

    here's hwmonitor screenie. anything wrong?

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo hwmonitor_zps7e3f538a.jpg"/></a>
  8. it didnt read ur cpu temp try coretemp and judging by ur fan speeds 99% imo there is overheating, try diff software then post the temp
  9. here's coretemp. doesn't seem to be reading my CPU temp?
  10. open the case cover and see if fan is spinning very fast , let it be open for a while and then try to use the pc , if shuggishness reduces we know ur cpu is overheating

    restart the pc , get into the bios , there must be a tab for tempertures n read it there
  11. you mean checking the CPU fan to see if it's spinning really fast right?
  12. yes n keep the cover off for a while to let it cool down
  13. i just went into BIOS to check my CPU temp

    it says 52C (125.5F)

    that sounds like it's really hot to me

    i don't understand, i am not doing any CPU intensive stuff like gaming or overclocking it.
  14. how many year old ur pc is? did u open the cover n let the system cool down? if it becomes fast again then remove the cpu fan clean the base plate put on some cpu cooing paste eg:arctic silver (look up on and reseat the cpu and please download all the relevant removing and appling paste etc videos from youtube onto ur cell or tab so it would be handy when u actually perform the task .

    if my answer helps choose it as the solution :)
  15. it's probably 2-3 yrs old.

    and i dust the inside every couple of months with a pressure can. mostly dusting the cpu fan and gfx card fan.
  16. btw, you have any idea why coretemp and hwmonitor didn't read my cpu temp?
  17. Best answer
    well that's an AMD issue , AMD has only one probe to read the temps, well some software support it some dont, i mostly have intel builds , so i tried on my a8 4500m laptop, well it didnt read em, maybe aida64 can i think so or sisSandra

    If you know how to apply the thermal paste do it right away and for the last tym did u run the pc with the case cover off? any change in performance?
  18. yup. i took the cover off. but it's still sluggish.

    maybe i'll go get some thermal paste
  19. and thanks for helping out
  20. that's a great idea, keep me posted ! :)
  21. maybe i also need a new cpu fan/heatsink?

    any guesstions on fan/heatsink for an ADM Athlon II X4?
  22. your temps 50+ are okay IF ur running a benchmark app like prime95 which really stresses d cpu, but at idle thats way too high , just apply the thermal paste n imo it will run fine again .
  23. you are not oc-ing and i dont think you need a new fan or cooling set up just a clean up and new layer of paste n ur PC is back to normal
  24. Ok, I've bought 2 cans of of duster and throughly cleaned the inside of the PC with special attention to the CPU heatsink/fan.

    I've also bough Artic MX-2 and applied it. My CPU temp is now around 26C with 36C being maxed.

    I don't think this is due to the CPU overheating, but my PC is still slow after the above applications.

    Is there anything else I should look at?
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