WD My Passport 1TB USB 2.0 not Working On Pc

My Hard Drive Was Working On My PC Then Is stopped it working I Tried on using it On Anther Computer it doesn't Work Help There's Somethings Are important Please Help My Hard Drive is USB. 2.0
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  1. You could try to attach the drive in safe-mode. Sometime it works. First start the PC in safe-mode then attach the drive.
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    If it doesnt work on any computer then its either the drive inside or the usb to sata controller inside the enclosure. If the drive is out of warranty you can try disassembling the drive and installing it into another enclosure, drive dock, or internal to your pc and trying to access the drive that way.

    If the data is really important Don't try at all and send it out to a data recovery specialist. This is expensive.
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