GTx770? 7970ghz? or R9 280x? Please Help!

I am upgrading my GPU for Battlefield 4. At first I was considering a GTX 770 4gb. After some looking around though I'm also eyeing a the AMD 7970 Ghz Ed or R9 280x. Here are the questions I need help with:

I've read that BF4 uses a lot of Vram. and it's also usefull if I add a monitor. Does it make sense to get more than 2gb?

Drivers. I've been with Nvidia for a long time and they have good drivers generally. Last time I had AMD I had driver problems. Has AMD improved its driver quality in the last couple years?

Does Mantle Matter?

How much of a performance edge does the GTX 770 have over the other two? Which will perform best in BF4?

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. I would get the R9 280x. Its a rebranded 7970 Ghz Ed, but it costs $300. Also, with mantle coming out and BF4 supporting it, the R9 280x is the best choice.
  2. 280x no doubt

    As far as driver go I would say that AMD has had better drivers the last 8 months in my opinion. The 331.40 drivers are the best drivers thus far from Nvidia.

    BF4 will be getting an Mantle support patch in December for AMD based GCN solution, this will improve performance
  3. Does it matter that the GHZ ed is a little faster? Or should I just find an OC R9 from Asus or someone?
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    If the higher clocks on the 7970ghz matter to you and you want a 280x I'd go with the Asus Matrix with the 1100 core clock. It's a little more pricey though coming in at $350 USD. You may also want to keep in mind the never settle promotion that is available to the 7xxx series that nabs you 3 free games. AMD have said that the same promo will be coming to the R-series cards too but they haven't specified when.
  5. The R9-280X is nothing more and nothing less than an HD 7970. It has a nice price of $300 but right now you can get the HD 7970 on sale for less than that. In addition, the HD 7970 comes with three free current games from AMD while the R9-280X does not. Right now, the HD 7970 can be had for $290 before rebate and $275 after rebate:
    That's a much better deal (especially with the three free games) than you would get with the R9-280X, which is, again, exactly the same card.
    As for the GTX 770, don't bother. It's maybe 10-15% faster than a non-GHZ HD 7970 and it costs AT LEAST $395 before rebate and $385 after rebate. Definitely not worth spending another $110:
    For my two Gigabyte HD 7970 OCs (GV-797OC-GD3), I paid $570 before rebates so after rebates, I paid $510. Here's my 3DMark v1.1 (3DMark13) result:
    I hope this helps you. Cheers!
  6. GTX 770 only costs 300$... But i would still go with the R9 280x tho.
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