screen flicker when playing games such as DOta 2

hi, im facing an annoying problem with my pc when im playing games. when i get into games, within around 38second, the screen flash back to window.. and it keep repeating the same thing. ive tried to reinstall driver but its keep happening.

my rig build:
intel core i5
MB asus rog vi gene
2 hd7790 1gb crosssfire x
16gb hyperx genensis
120gb ssd
1.5tb caviar black wd

need help guys.......
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  1. ive found the solution oredi .....

    By troubleshooting the system... steps,
    start>Control Panel>type troubleshooting on the search colum > troubleshooting > system n security > Performance > follow the instruction given..
    miraculously its works... by flashing screen gone

    Problem encounters--- closing background task that unseen in task manager...
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