Expanding a network (one house to another)

Hello, my brother just got internet access for his place, and I agreed to pay a share of the bill for access. However, he lives in a cottage behind the main house (where I live) and the signal from his wireless router doesn't reach the main I'm basically paying for internet I cannot use.

My idea was to run an ethernet cable from his router to a second router in the main house, the problem is I would need a 100ft ethernet cable which is not only expensive, but it would have to run from one building to the other, meaning it would either be outside or underground - and I don't think they make weatherproof ethernet cables, and if they do it would probably be even more expensive.

Is this my only option, or is there a more practical method to do this?

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. You could extend the Wi-Fi signal or repeat it with repeaters.
    This may be unstable though.
  2. Aurum Cables CAT5e 100 ft Outdoor waterproof, Direct Burial Ethernet Network Cable


    And you need a switch at the secondary location, not another router.
  3. Thanks guys, one more question.

    I kinda need the extended part of the network to be wireless... and switches do not appear to be wireless.

    Am I supposed to connect an access point or something to the switch to be able to acheive that? And if you go through all that trouble, wouldn't it be almost the same price to just buy a second wireless router?
  4. As USAFRet says, run a cable. On the other end use an inexpensive N router (like a TP-Link) configured as an AP (you just need to turn off the DHCP and give it a static address).
  5. So we're back to the second router option haha.
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    glass009 said:
    So we're back to the second router option haha.

    Not necessarily a second router.
    But...a cable to the second location, then a WiFi radiating point, be it a zombied router, or an Access point.

    In any case, something to get the signal from the main system, then propagate it at the secondary location.
    To go between, a cable is best if it is under 100 meters.

    Over 100 meters, an ethernet cable won't work and you need some dedicated point to point WiFi. And that will be slower/less reliable.
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