What Cables do I need to hook up a hard drive?

Im building my first computer and don't know what cable I need to hook up my SATA hard drives. I looked at SATA cables and they don't seem to match my hard drives.

My hard drives are
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    You need a Sata data cable and also a sata power cable (which is on your PSU). Most likely your case came with a couple and the power cables are part of your PSU
  2. brent21799 said:

    Yeah they will work flawlessly, I would buy extra just incase one breaks or you need to get data off of a laptop drive for your friend ect.
  3. Ok Thanks
  4. Can you recommend any power cables, I can only find molex to sata. (which I don't need)
  5. Normally your PSU (Power Supply) will have the power connector for the HDD and SDD.

    If you need more:
    Molex to Power SATA x2: Y-Cable
    Power SATA to Power SATA x2: Y-Cable

    SATA Cable:
    Make sure they say at least 6gbps
    For asthetics look for a color to match your build. This is just user preference
    Always get more length than needed, you don't want to fall short. You can always store the excess in cable management space in your case
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