HDDs suddenly slow to access folders with audio files in them, but not other folders.

Since yesterday, every time I open a folder that has audio files inside, files explorer (windows explorer) becomes unresponsive for around 3-5 seconds before finally opening the folder.

The thing is, this is ONLY happening with my music files. I have moved album folders from my music drive to all my other drives, and they all have the exact same problem.
Also, the folders only hang up once. That is, after the 3-5 second hang-up, after the folder has opened, I can back out of it to its parent folder and then jump right back into that same folder without another hang-up.

More info about my system:
- 7 3TB HDDs (4 Hitachi's, 3 Barracuda's - all 7200rpm)
- I have tons of folders with LOTS of video files on all my HDDs, and have no problems with them on any of the HDDs.
- Same problem occurs on my SSD as well
- Windows 8

Any ideas of why this might be happening all of a sudden?

Recently added programs:
- DBPoweramp (with a codec pack, I think)
- AutoCAD
- mIRC

Thanks in advance
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  1. review your recent installs, esp windows update.
    It sounds like something wiped out something thats being recreated, like maybe album art/thumbnails.
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