internet explorer, and google issue.

Not sure what happened, but every other search engine works just fine but when I use google search all the searches come up in a line on the left side of the screen horizontally.

Google chrome works fine on googles search engine, bing works fine on IE, so does yahoo. Just does this for google.

I Did virus scans with my paid for avira, malwarebytes, and had no detections.

It started happening out of no where last night.

(I also reset IE settings under the settings tab, can't reinstall IE as to windows 8.1 came with IE11.)

Here is a link, to a picture of the google issue.
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  1. Try disabling Compatibility View.
  2. Interesting, that worked. You're a hero. (It only worked when I unclicked use Microsoft compatibility lists)

    But it seems to make googles homepage look different across the top bar, took away the black bar with the option to search for images, search, maps, play youtube and such from

    If anyone else has any other ideas feel free to still post them, thanks.
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